Microsoft Exec Explains Why Xbox One Scorpio Was Announced Now, Talks Japanese Games, Kojima and More

Microsoft Exec Explains Why Xbox One Scorpio Was Announced Now, Talks Japanese Games, Kojima and More

During GameSpot’s E3 livestream, Microsoft Game Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg talked about a variety of topics, including the announcement of Xbox One Scorpio, Kinect, Japanese games and more.

To the question on whether Microsoft is worried about the announcement of Scorpio cannibalizing sales of the current Xbox One models, Greenberg mentioned that they gave a lot of thought to the idea, but Scorpio will mark a big leap in the console market, so they wanted to announce it now to make developers aware of it.

On top of that, announcing the console now allows consumers to know that they have the option to get the Xbox One S this holiday with a great value, or they can wait and get something that is optimized for even more power next year. According to Greenberg, there are still millions of gamers on Xbox 360 that still haven’t upgraded, and Microsoft thinks that the Xbox One S marks a great time to do that upgrade.

The development teams already know that Scorpio is coming, so for instance the Gears of War 4 team can already make sure that the game will take advantage of the power of Scorpio when it comes out.

Greenberg was also asked if there are going to be any more Kinect-only games, and he mentioned that while there are independent studios working on that kind of game, internally Microsoft’s studios are focused on AAA games, because that’s what consumers want them to create.

While there were a lot of Japanese games on stage at the E3 conference, it wasn’t a concerted effort in that direction. Microsoft just wants to work with the greatest creators in the world whether they’re working exclusively for Xbox or not. This year it worked out this way and there were a lot of great Japanese creators on stage.

Greenberg thinks that Japanese games feature unique styles and genres that we have grown up playing, and some of the greatest game creators have always been in Japan, and it’s an honor to work with them. Those games are played all over the world now, so it’s great to have their games both in the first and third party side.

Asked about Hideo Kojima, Greenberg explained that he has been a great partner over the years, and the last Metal Gear was a complete masterpiece. He’s excited to see what he’s creating next and he is sure that it’ll be great.

Last, but not least, we hear that all the new Microsoft games showcased at E3 are “play anywhere” titles, and some id@Xbox developers are also taking advantage of the project. Microsoft would also love third parties to support it and they’re hopeful that it’ll happen.