Microsoft Extends Trademark for Scalebound

Microsoft Extends Trademark for Scalebound

Microsoft recently filed for the extension of its trademark on Scalebound, an action RPG from Hideki Kamiya’s PlatinumGames and Microsoft Game Studios that was cancelled back in January.

What this extension means is that Microsoft have another six months to provide proof that the mark is being used in commerce. How it works — basically — is that every six months after the registration of a trademark, if a company still hasn’t provided proof that said trademark is being used in the commerce in the country where it has been registered, an extension has to be requested, or the mark is canceled. This can be done up to five times before the mark is lost, which means Microsoft can extend another three times, providing themselves another 18 months, as this is only the second extension of the trademark.


According to trademark law, extending a trademark is equivalent to  a “sworn statement that the applicant still has a bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce, but needs additional time actually to use the mark.”

Now, this extension could mean literally nothing. Or it could mean something. However, the aforementioned is far the more likely. Still, this does give me a little hope that Scalebound may still live on, though likely not with PlatinumGames.