VR Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator This December

December's update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will include VR support for any expensive headset players may own

By Otto Kratky

December 1, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator offers players a variety of different experiences. They can fly from New York to London, across deserts, or even into their friend’s homes if they want. But the entire experience has been missing one key aspect – VR. Sure, you can play the game in first-person, but you’re still looking at a computer screen, and that’s not very immersive. Putting on a VR headset while you’re piloting a Cessna and flying straight into the eye of a hurricane or a massive wildfire is the experience the game has been missing. Thankfully, Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally getting VR support at the end of December.

First announced in July, VR support for the game will be launching as part of Sim Update 2 on December 23 according to a developer Q&A live stream. But the announcement that VR support would be arriving soon came with some other good news; Microsoft Flight Simulator VR will be compatible with multiple VR headsets. Originally, those looking for a truly immersive experience would have to use the HP Reverb G2, with support for other headsets arriving later down the line. According to Martial Bossard, an executive producer at developer Asobo Studio, that plan has changed. “We are going to open the VR for everyone,” said Bossard. “Everybody will get access to VR now, and it will also be open to all devices.”

The VR experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator won’t just take place in the cockpit either. Asobo Studio is making sure every part of the game can be played in VR, even the menus. That way, players won’t have to take off their headsets and mess around with their keyboards and mice, they can just keep the headset on and take off.

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