Microsoft Flight Simulator Airports and Planes Showcased in New Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airports and Planes Showcased in New Trailer

Here's every plane and airport in the game.

It’s getting closer to the launch of Asobo Studios’ Microsoft Flight Simulatorthe game that looks to take players on an incredibly high-quality journey through the skies and through fluffy clouds made up of numerous layers for added realism. And now there’s a new trailer showing off the airports and some of the aircraft. The trailer details that all footage has been captured in real-time and in 4K. The airports are also noted to have been hand-crafted.

To start though, the trailer shows off the Microsoft Flight Simulator standard edition planes, going through the list from Beechcraft Bonanza G36, to an Icon A5, through to a Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000. The list continues as it transitions from propellor planes to jets and airliners.

Then we’re given a good look at what the airports available in the standard edition are. There are airports based in the USA, France, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Uganda, Ireland, Peru, and Indonesia. There are also airports in Bhutan, New Zeland, Ecuador, Brazil, the Dutch Caribbean, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Honduras.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer also includes the exclusive airports and planes that will be made available with the deluxe edition and the premium edition. The airports include some new ones in locations already listed above, however, there are new locations such as Spain, South Africa, Egypt, the Netherlands, UAE, and Germany. If you’re wanting to see an example of how these surrounding locations look, you can see an early build comparison shots from a user.

If you’re planning on picking the game up digitally, you’ll find it requires around 150GB of HDD space. If you do choose to go the physical route, it was revealed that the game would come with 10 discs. This is unsurprising considering how much data the game uses, such as taking real-world data to build an atmosphere along with the light scattering and more. While it’s not looking to be available at launch, Asobo Studio does appear to be looking into virtual reality.

I’m quite excited to see all of the airports shown from the comfort of a digital cockpit, I just hope that my flying skills have improved from my time with games such as the 1998 version, or IL-2 Sturmovik. The game is slated to launch on August 18.