Microsoft Flight Simulator is Flying to Xbox Series X | S Next Summer

Microsoft Flight Simulator is Flying to Xbox Series X | S Next Summer

The trailer shows off iconic landmarks that players can expect to fly over.

Yesterday, Microsoft Flight Simulator from Asobo Studio was announced for the Xbox Series X | S through a new trailer that shows off some planes flying over iconic landmarks from across the world. The game has been available on PC since August of this year.

The Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has on the quiet side. Although it has been known that the game is planned to be launching on the Series X | S consoles for quite some time but specifics have been fairly scarce. Now though, a new trailer has shown off what the game looks like running on an Xbox Series X | S. The footage shown certainly looks impressive.

The trailer ends with the announcement that those interested in the flight simulation experience can expect to see the game becoming available sometime in the summer of next year. As with the PC version, the game is available through Xbox Game Pass, and when it did launch on PC, it was reportedly the biggest launch title on Xbox’s subscription service.

Microsoft Flight Simulator allows players to fly across the entire world, with many real-world airports being available to arrive or depart from, as well as community support for more content. The game also uses real satellite data, Azure AI, and more fancy pants tech to keep things such as flight paths and weather updated in real-time. For those on PC, VR support is due to become available,

While the game has realistic simulation mechanics, players are able to reduce the simulation so that it handles more like a game. During my time with the game set to a bunch of assists to help achieve that, I found the handling on a controller to be a lovely experience. I just wonder how the additional keyboard hotkeys I became reliant on would transfer over to the console experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC through the Microsoft Store and Steam. It’ll be heading to Xbox Series X | S next year.