Microsoft Flight Simulator Players Are Flying Right Into Hurricane Laura

Microsoft Flight Simulator Players Are Flying Right Into Hurricane Laura

In the midst of Hurricane Laura hitting the Gulf Coast in the US, Microsoft Flight Simulator players are becoming virtual stormchasers.

Released earlier this month, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been fulfilling the fantasies of everyone right now by letting us escape quarantine and travel around to parts of the world unknown. Players around the world have been sharing their screenshots and in-game moments as they chart around the world, though few would expect that they would be doing that in the middle of a live hurricane.

On the heels of Hurricane Laura, which is the Category 4 hurricane that made landfall in the Gulf Coast this week in parts of Texas and Louisiana, Microsoft Flight Simulator players have been using the opportunity to check out the hurricane’s path through the game itself. For those that haven’t played it, the flight simulator utilizes a system to update weather in real-time across parts of the world, giving players the chance to become stormchasers through the flight sim.

You can check out a few of the videos and images that have made their way to social media in the midst of Hurricane Laura:

Given the game’s incredibly accurate depictions of weather patterns from around the world, the recreation of Hurricane Laura is especially a notable occurrence as players can see the storm unfold in real-time. As The Verge reported, several players have been flying deep into the eye of the hurricane, around its edges, and even going as far up that their planes “have frozen over and needed to be de-iced.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on PC.