Installation Issues With Microsoft Flight Simulator? This New Patch May Need a Clean Install

Installation Issues With Microsoft Flight Simulator? This New Patch May Need a Clean Install

If you've had issues installing the game, you might have to reinstall the whole thing again.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a beautiful looking game that allows you to fly across the entire planet using live-weather and real-time air traffic to add to the impressive realism. Players were even flying into the real-world hurricane the other week. However, some players were left behind, faced with installation issues. A new patch released yesterday and apparently addresses five different bugs that could be causing the installation issues.

So that’s the good news, those struggling to install the game should be able to now thanks to the patch. The bad news is that it may mean that those with installation issues may need to perform a clean reinstall of the game, sitting through hours and hours of downloading and a musical loop. “if you have experienced installation issues, we strongly advise you to do a clean install of Microsoft Flight Simulator,” the blog reads.

If you were able to install the game fine with no issues, you won’t need to reinstall the entire game which I’m sure just left current players breathing a sigh of relief. The installation process saw some backlash when the game launched on Steam because the installation window was racking up the playtime, meaning the installation was exceeding the refund limit of 2 hours maximum. Valve did confirm that the time it takes to install won’t count towards a refund.

In addition to the installation issues, the patch also fixes game crashes when disconnecting input devices which was a big issue for me personally. There are also some fixes to the content manager that have been applied, and some other bits and bobs have been twiddled which you can find on the blog.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on PC. If you’re interested in seeing what we thought about the game you can find the review here.