Jorg Neumann Says VR is 'Very High' Priority for Microsoft Flight Simulator

According to an interview, VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a "very high" priority but the team wants to ensure it's done right.

While VR is causing even more of a stir than usual of late thanks to the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, there’s another studio who are wanting to include VR into their game. Microsoft Flight Simulator is apparently putting VR as a “very high” priority and to be honest, after seeing No Man’s Sky look fantastic in VR when flying about, I can’t imagine what this hyper-realistic plane simulator will feel like.

According to words from an audio interview with AVSIM back in October, Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator stated that the games E3 reveal lead to assumptions that the game would be supporting virtual reality. It was said that VR wasn’t the plan, but after the reaction from fans, they’d try to work hard on getting VR included, but also said they were unsure if they’d get that feature ready for launch.

In a new interview published yesterday by AVSIM, they ask Neumann about VR and how high it is on their priority list. According to Neumann, it’s “Very high!” and he states that Asobo and himself have years of VR experience and that they’re working hard on making sure they do it right. He explains, “We want to find a good solution, for example by cutting the cockpit off from the rest of the world. Then you can move around freely and the world in the background doesn’t start to shimmer.”

We’ve recently learned that the game will be introducing a lot of high-quality technologies to generate realistic clouds, light scattering, and even using real-world data to bring the game to life.

Within the interview, it’s also confirmed that the game will include animals, and the team is working on adding trains and ships to the world. Neumann also details seasons such as adding snow to the game but needing to introduce snow clearance vehicles and thawing snow.

It certainly sounds as if Microsoft Flight Simulator is really delving deep into the simulation side of things. While the game still doesn’t have an official launch date, it is open for scheduled Insider tests which you can easily sign up for and stand a chance at being invited to a future alpha testing.

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