Microsoft Flight Simulator UK and Ireland World Update 3 Delayed

Microsoft Flight Simulator UK and Ireland World Update 3 Delayed

5 brand-new photogrammetry cities are causing some developmental headaches.

Asobo Studio has announced that the UK and Ireland world updates that are to be heading to Microsoft Flight Simulator have been delayed. This has been explained to be because of the new photogrammetry cities being created. However, the studio believes the issues will be sorted soon with the release of the update due to be launching a week later than originally planned.

In a blog post published on January 21, Asobo Studio details the situation. The update is said to be “massive” and will offer players new aerials, new DEM, 70+ POIs, 5 airports, 2 landing challenges, and 5 brand-new photogrammetry cities. However, the photogrammetry is a new process and data source for the studio, and tools are needing to be updated to work with the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Blarney Castle Ireland

However, the team at Bing Maps is working to ensure the tools are working, and Bluesky, the data provider, is also hands-on with trying to resolve any issues. One of the key parts of the update is that players will be able to fly over a full 3D London. Other additional places of interest are showcased through some screenshots, including, Forth Bridges in Scotland, Blarney Castle in Ireland, and Windsor Castle in England.

The blog post also detailed that last week, players should have seen 15 new products added to the in-game marketplace, with 6 additional products being updated. One of these new products is the Eurofighter Typhoon jet that can be purchased for $19.99.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Windsor Castle England

Recently Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to introduce real-time snow to the game through using Meteo blue data. During the announcement for that update, the studio said that it wants to “evolve this [Microsoft Flight Simulator] into the most accurate sim possible”. The game has become the fastest growing in the franchise’s history,

Microsoft Flight Simulator Forth Bridges Scotland

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC but has been confirmed to be heading to Xbox Series X | S this year. The World Update 3 should be available at some point this week. If you’re curious about what we thought of the game you can check out our review here.