Microsoft: “Gaming Is a Key Scenario;” Talks Xbox, Streaming and Project Scorpio: “Look forward to E3”

Microsoft: “Gaming Is a Key Scenario;” Talks Xbox, Streaming and Project Scorpio: “Look forward to E3”

Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Amy Hood talk about the performance of the gaming business, teasing E3 announcements.

Today, during Microsoft’s quarterly results conference call, Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood talked more about the company’s gaming business.

Nadella defined gaming a “key scenario” for expansion, and also gave information on the initial performance on the implementation of Beam livestreaming, concluding with a note on Project Scorpio.


“Gaming is a key scenario to expand our opportunities across PC and consoles. We’re building on our already strong foundations with our Xbox One and our Xbox Live community up 13% to 52 million active users this quarter.

With Creators Update we integrated gameplay broadcasting into Windows 10 PCs as well as Xbox One. We’re off to a very strong start with both streamers and viewers. In fact the majority of the streaming industry today is on the PC and consoles, and we’re uniquely positioned to provide the best, most complete gaming experience, hardware, to software, to broadcast services. It’s early days, and we’re excited to pursue this new business opportunity.

This month we also revealed more about our upcoming Project Scorpio, which will be the most powerful console ever, and will enable true 4K gaming in the living room.”

Hood also defined growth in the gaming segment “healthy.”

She then moved to provide the outlook for the full fiscal year 2017 (which ends on June 30th), mentioning that the company expects revenue to be 8.4 to 8.7 billion dollars.

Hood then gave an overview on expectations for the current quarter, teasing more info on Scorpio and new game announcements for E3.

“In gaming, we expect to see continued healthy user engagement on our Xbox platform, and look forward to E3 in June, when we’ll share more on Project Scorpio and new titles for the next fiscal year.”


If you want to check out Microsoft’s quarterly results in detail, you can find them here.