Microsoft: Graphical Difference Between PS4 and Xbox One is a “Perception Challenge” That Must be Fixed

on July 11, 2014 2:06 PM

In a recent interview with Xbox UK marketing head Harvey Eagle, he stated that the oft referenced graphical and framerate differences between PS4 and Xbox One are a part of a “perception challenge”:

I think it’s a perception challenge, absolutely. If you put third-party games side-by-side that are running at slightly different resolutions or frame rates, then unless you are using a screen that’s more than 60 inches big, I defy you to really see the difference. I personally struggle to see the difference.

Eagle does acknowledge that this perception is damaging to the Xbox One’s image:

It’s important, certainly. It’s something the media has certainly picked up on. If that leads to the perception that one machine is more powerful than another, then it’s important, and we’re trying to allow developers to bring games to Xbox One at the highest resolution and frame rate as possible.

He then delves into the features that makes the Xbox One stand out more from its competition:

Content is one of the primary ways we differentiate the two consoles. We have our exclusive games, the likes of Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest [also available on PC], Halo Master Chief Collection and so on. The next thing you have to do is make sure all the third parties are partnering on your platform, and try if you can to either make those exclusive to Xbox or coming first to Xbox. Then you try to build out the broadest range of games to the widest number of people, which is where ID@Xbox can really help in particular.

Finally, Eagle states that the Kinect is still one of the key differences between the system, as well as the Xbox Live service.

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