Microsoft Happy With Kinect

Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Director Dennis Durkin believes that 2010 has been a great year for Microsoft, topping off 3 years with each one better than the last. Durkin has revealed that of their 25 Million subscribers, roughly half of them pay for XBox Live Gold paying an average of $60 a year for the service. Regarding Kinect, Durkin had this to say;

“It was an amazing launch, amazing momentum, and it’s something we’re very, very excited about, still very committed to our 5 million number for the holiday, well on path for that.”
“There’s more than 300 reviews within the Amazon ecosystem. I’ve read all of them the best part about it is that almost 90 percent of them are four or five-star rated. And when you go through those, you realize that we are touching a bunch of new audiences.”

He went on to state that while they’re not able to give specifics to the future of Kinect, it could see applications outside of gaming including other entertainment and possibly the medical field. I for one would really like to see where the technology lends itself and the possibilities this could present.


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