Microsoft to Hold its Own ID@Xbox Indie Game Showcase Next Week

Microsoft to Hold its Own ID@Xbox Indie Game Showcase Next Week

Microsoft announced ID@Xbox Game Pass, a livestream that will show off upcoming indie games like Afterparty, today.

Since February 2017, Nintendo has held a Nindies Showcase every couple of months to highlight some of the cooler independent titles hitting their platform. Today, Microsoft revealed that it will be entering the ring as well next week with ID@Xbox Game Pass, a livestream highlighting upcoming indie titles.

ID@Xbox Game Pass will premeire at 9:00am PT on March 26. The stream’s name also seems to suggest that these games could be intertwined with and included in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service, though nothing is confirmed at this time.

So far,Void Bastards, Supermarket Shriek, and Afterparty are the three main games confirmed to appear during ID@Xbox Game Pass.  When it comes to Afterparty, Microsoft will actually be visiting Night School Studios on location to learn more about the game’s development. “New reveals” have also been confirmed for the show. There are also a few other cool ID@Xbox titles in the works like Tunic, so it will be cool to get another glimpse at them prior to PAX East.

ID@Xbox Game Pass will join the monthly Inside Xbox as a recurring Microsoft livestream featuring news. This, along with Sony’s State of Play presentation coming the day before on March 25, signify that Sony and Microsoft are starting to notice how effective Nintendo’s Direct-style presentations have been for years and are deciding to do their own.

Of course, you can expect DualShockers to cover all of the cool game announcements that will come out of ID@Xbox Game Pass, which begins at 9am PT on March 26.