Microsoft Invented a Wireless Protocol for the Xbox One Controller, 20 times more Bandwidth

on November 22, 2013 5:37 AM

The Xbox One controller runs with more than 20 times the bandwith of the 360 controller, Xbox’s General Manager for Accessories Alam revealed in an interview.

[We’ve increased] the bandwidth of the Xbox One controller by 20 times from the original controller

It has a hell of a lot more ability to send data and get data from the console.

The new controller has also had its latency markedly decreased during its redesign.

We measured this in the labs. These are milliseconds we’re talking about. The act of pressing a trigger and seeing the response on the screen — we improved that time frame by 20 percent.

In order to boost the responsiveness of the new controller, Microsoft’s designers had to create a new wireless protocol, one that ran much faster than normal.

We invented a new one. This is not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, any of the other standards that are out there. This is a custom protocol designed by Microsoft that is super-optimized specifically for gaming.

Alam is confident that in the coming years, the increased speed of the controller will show its worth in the form of new games.

Two or three years from now, [maybe] next year, you’ll start seeing a bunch of products on the market that use that extra bandwidth