Microsoft Isn’t Very Good at Writing Love Letters

Microsoft Isn’t Very Good at Writing Love Letters

Have you ever tried to convince your better half that a brand new console fits nicely in the household’s budget? Here’s my advice: don’t ask Microsoft for help.

Today the house of the Xbox One published a rather ludicrous publicity stunt that basically prompts you to send a customizable pre-made email to your sweetheart in order to convince her or him (whoever wrote the text tried his hardest to avoid pinpointing the gender of the recipient. It can somewhat be adapted to dad and mom too, if needed) that buying the new console is the right choice.

Of course the mail sounds absolutely silly, and it’s a collection of the most outdated gamer/non gamer tropes you could find, but I guess it’s at least good for a laugh.

That said, I would definitely advise against actually sending it unless your partner is well aware that you’re kidding, or you may find yourself joining the singles’ club.

By the way, as an added bonus, you can address the mail to your “sugar daddy” or “sugar momma.” No. I’m not joking.