Microsoft May Take on Google Glass with New Patent for Glasses Display for Players

on August 5, 2013 7:37 AM

First, your Xbox 360 tracked movement and play through Kinect, and while Kinect will be making the transition over to the Xbox One as well for the next generation, it also seems like Microsoft may have additional plans in store for their next console, or perhaps even further down into the future.

Microsoft has recently filed a new patent for a head-mounted display device, a la Google Glass, that comes packing a variety of features: a microphone, cameras for detecting depth and movement, the ability to track eye movement, and even identify other players that may be in your vicinity or line of sight.

While features like sending game invitations to players through the glasses seem like small novelties, the biggest features mentioned in the patent document seem to indicate that the glasses would be able to detect gestures or actions from the players, leading to unique interaction or playability within a game. Other possibilities mentioned include voice commands or unique HUD displays that the player could utilize through the glasses.

Whether Microsoft will actually plan on developing these “Xbox Glasses” seems to be unknown – an original patent file dates back to January 2012, and Microsoft has so far made no official mention whatsoever of developing or releasing them for the Xbox One, and with Google Glass on the horizon, it’s still unclear whether this is actually in development, or if Microsoft is just filing the patent for future possibilities.

The full details of the patent are available here.

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