Microsoft Offers Discounted Xbox Live When Trying To Cancel, Free Month When Mentioning Move to PS4

Microsoft Offers Discounted Xbox Live When Trying To Cancel, Free Month When Mentioning Move to PS4

It’s a pretty common practice between companies that povide subscription services to offer customers wanting to cancel tempting deals in order to persuade them to stay on board, and apparently Microsoft isn’t an exception.

One of our editors just made the jump (at least for now, knowing him he’ll be back soon) to PS4 and decided to pull the automatic renewal from his Xbox Live account. The system immediately presented him with an offer to subscribe for twelve months at a discounted rate ($3.99 a month, for a total of $47.88, 12 bucks less than the usual $59.99).


By talking to a customer support representative we learned that the offer is random, so it may not happen to everyone and there may be other offers lurking about, but if you want to try for the discount or explore for different possibilities, it really doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do try and remove the automatic renewal from your account and see what pops up. You can always reactivate it right after if you receive no offer or just cancel the deactivation process if the offer you receive doesn’t entice you.

Even more interesting, while chatting with the customer support representative our editor was asked why he wanted to cancel his subscription, and he candidly responded that he was moving to PS4. The representative immediately retaliated by offering a month of free Xbox Live Gold, no conditions, just to use “later down the road,” as you can see in the screencap below.

Again, it’s not a given that this will happen to everyone, as we don’t know how much leeway customer support reps are given in offering this kind of deals.


Say whatever you want, but that’s a pretty neat way to try and keep your customers, and to entice them to return down the line if they don’t care to stay on board at the moment (looks like they’re even willing to wait as long as twenty years). It’s also a perfect example of the beneficial (for the customer) effects of a pitched competition.