Microsoft Organizing “Xbox Ladies’ Party” Event in Tokyo, Japan

Microsoft Organizing “Xbox Ladies’ Party” Event in Tokyo, Japan

It’s no mystery that Microsoft has been struggling to find an audience for the Xbox One in Japan, with sales of the console bouncing up and down around a hundreds units a week, as of late.

Yet, the local arm of the company hasn’t given up, and keeps up its promotion work. Recently, they have launched a campaign named “The Ultimate Gaming Experience,”  in which users are prompted to pitch their ultimate gaming experience (duh).  The pitch selected will actually be turned into reality by the company.

The campaign is now at its second round, and user “mocrain” asked to create an “Xbox Ladies’ Party” to enjoy games among girls.

As a result, Microsoft will organize an event on June 26th at its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, from 1 PM to 5 PM local time.

The house of Xbox opened applications today to attend the event. All you have to do (if you have a chance to go, of course), is to follow the twitter account @Xbox_JP and tweet to it your desire to participate, the number of people going (up to two) and the hashtag #Xbox女子会, which indeed means “Xbox Ladies’ Party”

A total of 50 attendees will be randomly selected, and they will be contacted by June 10th via direct message. Prizes and gadgets will be available at the event.