Microsoft Plans Big Transmedia Push For New and Existing IPs Across Many Platforms and Channels

Microsoft Plans Big Transmedia Push For New and Existing IPs Across Many Platforms and Channels

Recently Microsoft Game Studios published a new career opportunity ad that sounds definitely interesting, hinting to plans to  “develop and craft new, long-term, transmedia IPs for the entire Microsoft Studios portfolio”.

Here’s an excerpt from the ad with the most relevant parts bolded:

The Narrative Design team at Microsoft Studios is looking for an experienced producer, from the gaming and/or other entertainment industry, with exceptional creative, collaborative, and diplomatic skills to join us in developing and crafting new, long-term, transmedia IPs for the entire Microsoft Studios portfolio.

As a Narrative Producer, you will work closely with the Narrative Design team, game leads, external partners and other key stakeholders to design and implement multiple-year franchise plans from concept. These plans will include core, broad-appeal, and casual games; console, PC, tablet, and mobile platforms; books, graphic novels, comics, and other tangible media; and linear media such as television, webisodes, and film. Just as importantly, this producer will also be engaged in identifying genres, platforms, media, and technology not even considered yet for distributing through both traditional and new media outlets.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Help us champion story and design narratives and franchises for video games and entertainment experiences for one of the world’s leading game publishers using the most exceptional, cutting-edge technologies.

  • Participate in driving and crafting narrative, franchise, and transmedia strategy, planning, design and implementation for both existing and new IP.
  • Ensure the quality of stories, character development, world building and other narrative features on all assigned projects.
  • Assign staff writers and designers to appropriate projects. Find and hire new talent as needed for the success of projects.
  • Partner closely with narrative designers and production release managers to see that production and distribution are achieved.
  • Participate in pitch kit creation.
  • Manage franchise and transmedia schedules.
  • Liaison with and pitch to internal and external partners, including executives, producers, developers, incubation teams, and talent.
  • Co-develop and manage story bibles.
  • Own IP continuity.
  • Develop new IP.
  • Perform extensive developmental editing, from concept through release.
  • Mitigate early-stage legal, geopolitical, and ratings boards issues.
  • Liaison with Marketing, PR, Trustworthy Computing and other necessary departments to ensure that projects are positioned properly and meet necessary clearances.
  • Work with nascent technologies to develop new ways of telling stories in the twenty-first century.

The project definitely sounds quite interesting, and the ad seems to indicate that the Halo TV series announced at the beginning the year is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe one day not too far in the future we’ll head to the theaters to see a Ryse movie, or we’ll turn on our TV to check out a Forza Motorsport TV series.