Microsoft Is "Proud" of the Xbox One X's Price; It's the "Densest" Console They Have Ever Made

Xbox executives give more details on the newly revealed Xbox One X, it's price, power and design.

During the YouTube Live coverage following Microsoft’s E3 2017 press briefing, Microsoft Game Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb and Executive Creative Director Carl Ledbetter gave more details about the newly announced Xbox One X.

Greenberg mentioned that since the Xbox One X is fully compatible with the Xbox One S, you can simply take the ables off your older console, and plug them right into the new one.

According to Greenberg, Microsoft is “Proud” of newly-revealed $499 price. The console was designed to be a premium product, with the most power and performance that has ever been seen on a console, and no compromises. The Xbox One X was “not designed to be a low-price product, but a premium product for people that want the very best console gaming they’ve ever seen.”

Greenberg continued mentioning that whatever type of game you like to play, your games are going to play and look better on Xbox One X.  He also explained that having 43% more graphical performance than the nearest competitor, and 60% more memory capability is a “massive leap.”

Later in the conversation, he mentioned that there has never been this kind of power and performance for such an “incredible price.” Microsoft has been really impressed by how developers have managed to get stuff up and running in a manner of days.

He also confirmed that the policy dictating that all games need to be compatible for both Xbox One X and the original Xbox One remains in place, as Microsoft is starting to keep things simple for customers.

At the moment there is only one configuration and only one color. The Xbox team has a different color that is “a little fancier,” but that won’t be for sale. Later in the stream, Ledbetter confirmed that for now Microsoft is just calling the color “black,” but it does have a special name that will be announced at a later time.

We also hear that today’s press conference was about showing “the largest and most diverse games lineup” that Microsoft ever had, featuring 42 games and 22 of them are console exclusives. According to Greenberg, to be able to do that in a year in which there were no Halo or Gears of War says a lot. The intention was showing mostly things that gamers will be playing over the next year.  That said, the Coalition is “working very hard on the future” of Gears of War, and 343 is doing the same thing with Halo.

That said, “a little bit of Halo news” will come this week, related to a product that is already on the market.

Ledbetter mentioned that the team is “truly proud” of the design of the Xbox One X, and it’s been a collaboration between designers and engineers working “super close together” to make the console as small as it is but still 40% more powerful.

The controller is essentially the same that ships with the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S are designed to look like they belong to the same family of consoles, so they share the same appearance, but also the same behavior. They have the same sound, light and interaction when you turn them on and the same principles for accessibility.

Hryb explained that the ventilation ports all on the sides and one the back, so it’s possible to actually stack multiple units on top of each other.

Interestingly, there is a small dimple on the back of the console that lets you find out just with touch which HDMI port is the out and which one is the in, if you’re plugging your cables in the dark.

Ledbetter explained that the aspiration was always to make the console as small as possible, and when the team started piecing all the components together, they discovered that to cool the amount of power generated by the Xbox One X they needed to switch to the vapor chamber-based cooling solution. That enabled them to implement a different type of configuration inside of the console, and allowed them to get to the final small size.

Later this week, Hryb will publish a video with one of Microsoft’s engineers actually assembling the console major component by major component, letting us see how the parts work together, the insides, and how little space there is within the Xbox One X’s shell. Every millimeter is optimized.

Ledbetter revealed that not only this is the smallest and most powerful console that Microsoft ever made, but it’s also the densest. It’s “super packed in.” According to him, the design of the Xbox One X is all about having a “super clean and elegant form that is all about proportions.” Is also needs to feel like a powerful and sophisticated gaming console.

Speaking of virtual reality, host Geoff Keighley tried to get Hryb to reveal compatibility with VR headsets, but Hryb kept on the vague, responding just with a “it’s possible” and mentioning that the Xbox One X is a “tremendously powerful piece of hardware” designed to “really drive the experiences that gamers are demanding.”

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