Microsoft Pushing Xbox One in Japan With Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle

Microsoft Pushing Xbox One in Japan With Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle

The house of Xbox plays the Minecraft card in Japan to try and switch gear on the sluggish Xbox One sales in the country.

Microsoft Japan announced today via press release that it will release an Xbox One S bundle with Minecraft in the archipelago of the rising sun this month.

The bundle will include a 500 gigabytes Xbox One S, and will cost 29,980 yen plus taxes, which incidentally is the same local price of a PS4 with no additional games. It will release on January 26th.

In the box, Japanese customers will include the game for Xbox One, plus a download voucher for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft as well. On top of that, it will also come (like the western bundle) with the Favorites Pack and the Builder’s Pack, which include seven and six DLC respectively to get people started.

Considering that Minecraft‘s developer Mojang is owned by Microsoft, this isn’t certainly an unexpected move, especially considering that the game might actually help the house of Xbox move a few more consoles.

Minecraft has proven to be very popular on other platforms in the country, and has sold 1,042,463 copies on PS Vita and  257,654 copies on the pretty much defunct Wii U.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the console will perform on the Media Create charts that will be released on February 1st. As of last week, the Xbox One sold  71,159 units in the country, with the release of the Xbox One S in November failing to provide a significant increase in sales.