Microsoft Ran Out of 360s?

on January 14, 2011 8:00 AM

Microsoft Ran Out of 360s?This is really interesting…it would appear that during the month of December, Microsoft “ran out” of XBox 360’s. I take this to mean all the stock they had remaining had shipped to retailers. Not only that but they predict there will be shortages throughout January and February. ¬†As Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) said via Twitter;

“NPD tomorrow. I found out we ran out of consoles at end of the month so don’t expect to win Dec,” he said via Twitter.

Jan/Feb supply is tight as well. Likely amazing YOY growth numbers for Xbox.”

Look I’m sorry, but during the launch of Kinect during the Holiday season, how do you RUN OUT of Xbox 360s? That’s just silly.

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