UPDATE: Microsoft Replacing Xbox 360 Systems Affected by New Firmware

[UPDATE: It appears this e-mail was in reference to a previous update to the dashboard that Microsoft pushed out a while ago. They are rather adamant about finding no issues with today’s update, across various different versions of the console, according to the good Major.]

Microsoft is set to roll out a new Xbox 360 dashboard update, starting tomorrow, May 19. This is the one they’ve had available for the last few weeks for those who made it into their preview program. The big thing coming down the line in this update is that the consoles will be able to use and read a new DVD disc format that adds up to one gigabyte of extra data to DVDs, naturally allowing more storage. Beta testers of the update got a copy of Halo: Reach that was using the new disc format.

Today it was brought to everyone’s attention that this update could cause some versions of the Xbox 360 console to stop reading discs altogether, but Microsoft is actually doing a real cool thing here and offering to completely replace the console for those affected by this update. Once the update goes live, whether or not your console is broken can be known through Xbox Live, so Microsoft will likely then send you an e-mail giving you instructions on how to secure your new console. They’re replacing all broken consoles with a sleek, new Xbox 360s with a 250GB hard drive, completely free of charge. They’re even throwing in a year of Xbox Live Gold for the trouble.

Let’s just say that I hope my 360 goes up in flames when the new update hits, I want a new console. That is all.

Chad Awkerman

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