Microsoft Resets Xbox FanFest Registrations after Overflow Issue

Microsoft Resets Xbox FanFest Registrations after Overflow Issue

Registrations for Xbox FanDest at E3 run into a snag, forcing Microsoft to reset the process.

Earlier today, Microsoft held the first round of registrations for the Xbox FanFest event that will start on June 11th and run alongside E3 in Los Angeles,  but something went wrong.

After the first round of registrations held at 6 AM Pacific, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager Chris Munson announced that a second would come at 9 AM, only to apologize a few hours later, mentioning that it wasn’t going to happen.

Unfortunately Munson just mentioned that an overflow of requests caused a problem with the system, allowing more people to register than the tickets available.

Munson then explained what’s going to happen. In order to be fair to everyone, all registrations will be voided, and those who managed to registered will be emailed “something” directly. last, but not least, the system will be fixed and the registration process will be restarted, with more news to come.

While it’s unfortunate that an issue caused many to think they were all set, only to have to repeat the process, this kind of issue certainly happens. Given the popularity acquired by Xbox FanFest over the years, it’s easy to imagine that the system was hit by a tidal wave of requests.

If you’re worried about missing the new registration chance, you can rest easy as Munson promised that Microsoft will give everyone enough time to plan for the next time and date.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation, and we’ll update you on when registrations will become available again.