Microsoft Reveals the Next Step for Games for Windows Live, PC Gamers DGAF

on March 21, 2011 10:00 AM

Microsoft Reveals the Next Step for Games for Windows Live, PC Gamers DGAF

So over the weekend this little video by Microsoft leaked, and boy is it a facepalm-worthy doozy. Looks like they’re transforming GFW Live into the “Windows Gaming eXperience”, or WGX for short.

If the name alone doesn’t set off any red flags, you might want to check out the actual video after the jump.

…I don’t get it. So Microsoft is bringing Facebook to the computer? They might be in for a little surprise.

If not that, then what? Did they hear word of a little known game called Portal 2 having something called “Steamworks” and thought that would be a bang-up idea for the PC?

“The future of PC gaming is upon us. The question is who will lead and who will follow?” REALLY? You’re seriously going to ask that after that presentation?

I just don’t get what the hell Microsoft is attempting with this bullcrap. I really hope we get some kind of explanation to this video in the coming days; as it stands, it’s just another complete failure on Microsoft’s part to understand the PC market.

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