Microsoft Has Acquired Esports Community Platform

Microsoft Has Acquired Esports Community Platform

According to the site's homepage, is being formally acquired by Microsoft after a history of collaboration between the two.

With its establishment in 2015, has turned into one of the go-to destinations for organizing esports tournaments and events. Though it has only been around for a few years, the site has grown to help host and organize thousands of esports and FGC events around the world, and is now potentially to grow even more under the wing of Microsoft.

According to the homepage of, the esports community platform is being formally acquired by Microsoft, though no specific details have surfaced just yet on the acquisition’s cost or terms. A banner on the site’s homepage offers a statement on the acquisition, and that the collaboration with Microsoft will allow to “help strengthen our existing relationships and explore new opportunities.” Additionally, the statement also clarifies that “will continue as a self-service esports platform available to tournament organizers from all game communities.”

The acquisition certainly is a surprising one from the outside looking in, but it seems likely that this could be in place for Microsoft to move more aggressively into the space of esports and FGC-related events. At the moment Microsoft has not provided any official word on the acquisition just yet, but based on’s statement, it seems that the site will continue to operate as it has in past across different esports communities without tying itself exclusively to Microsoft’s games or franchises.

As its name implies, initially was utilized for creating tournament brackets and events for games such as Super Smash Bros. and more. However, in the years since its establishment, the site has expanded out into various other esports communities and games, including Rocket LeagueTekkenStreet FighterMortal Kombat, and numerous other titles. Currently, the site has supported over 6,000 event organizers from around the world across live and online esports events.

At the moment we’re still waiting for official word from Microsoft on the acquisition, but stay tuned for additional details regarding as news develops.