Microsoft Store Receiving Wish List Functionality Alongside Updated Shopping Cart

Microsoft Store Receiving Wish List Functionality Alongside Updated Shopping Cart

The Microsoft Store across all platforms will be receiving wish list functionality and an updated shopping cart making it easy to purchase games+hardware.

In an update available to Xbox Insiders and soon for everyone the Microsoft Store now allows users to create a wishlist of their desired games for easier tracking, purchasing, and gifting.

These two features have apparently been some of the most-requested ones from fans and Microsoft is finally releasing them just in time for the holiday shopping blitz.

The wish list will support both physical products and digital games and apps on the Microsoft Store. It will work across Xbox One, Windows 10, and online that lets the list be persistent on every platform and stay up to date no matter the platform you are using. Sale pricing will be supported, letting you see when things on the wish list go on sale.

How to add items to your Wish List:

  1. Head to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PCs, online or on Xbox One (Xbox Insiders only)
  2. Navigate to the product details page for the item you wish to add
  3. Look for the “Wish List” button underneath the “Buy” button
  4. Select the “Wish List” button
  5. To view your Wish List, activate the pull-down menu at the top of the Store navigation, and select the “Wish List” option
  6. To remove an item from your Wish List, navigate to that particular item on your Wish List, and select “Remove”

A customer’s Wish List can be kept private or made public and shared with others.

How to share a Wish List:

  1. Click on the “Settings” link in the wish list
  2. Select “Make the wish list public”
  3. Then, click on the “Share” button to share with friends and family

Note: On Xbox, customers will be able to share their public wish list with a list of their Xbox Live friends.

This wish list functionality will be available to all customers in all supported markets for the Microsoft Store on PC/online but only to Xbox Insiders. All Xbox users can access it “in a few weeks.”

An improved shopping cart means you can purchase games and apps alongside hardware and accessories so you only have to check out once instead of separating the purchases. You can also save items in your shopping cart for checkout at a later date. Xbox Insiders have access to these features now, and Windows Insiders will also be able to begin testing the new shopping cart soon. Everyone will have access, again, “in a few weeks.”