Microsoft to Reward XBOX LIVE Service 1.0 Users

Microsoft to Reward XBOX LIVE Service 1.0 Users

If you’ve been with Microsoft since the early days, then the shutdown of Service 1.0 will get you a few gifts. Players who still use the original console will be given an incentive to go to the other side so to speak. Check out the payoff here:

What is Xbox LIVE doing for me?

•To thank you for being a loyal Xbox LIVE customer, we are giving you a free, three-month LIVE Gold membership and 400 Microsoft Points for you to use as you choose on Xbox LIVE.
•In addition, because you’ve been so loyal to Halo, we are inviting you to participate in the exclusive Halo: Reach Beta.

How do I get these offers?

•You will receive a token for 400 MS points. Check your Xbox LIVE account messages on the console. These points can be used for 365 days after you activate your token.
•We are extending your Gold membership by three months automatically. The extension will be directly reflected in your LIVE account.
•Finally, as the beta gets closer, you will receive an e-mail containing the code granting you access to the exclusive Halo: Reach Beta.

Next thing you know, Activision will be giving away free copies of DLC. Be sure to check your Inbox in the coming days. So if your a 1.0 User and you still feel shunned, this might help to ease the pain a bit. Maybe.