Microsoft Wants to Infuse its Xbox One Games With Technical Showcases of the Cloud and More

Microsoft Wants to Infuse its Xbox One Games With Technical Showcases of the Cloud and More

One of the most advertised features of the Xbox One is the use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers for several tasks that could empower the console past its physical hardware components, but the jury is still out on that since the games that make extensive use of advanced cloud features are still few.

Microsoft seems to intend to change the situation, as revealed by a career opportunity ad seeking a Principal Software Engineer.


Join the team driving AAA game development and defining game and platform features that are going to set the standard for entertainment.     Microsoft Global Games Publishing is looking for a Principal Software Engineer leader who will be responsible for empowering other developer leaders to deliver the promise of our platform.   The ideal candidate has a passion in this space, understands first party development, enjoys collaborating with artists and designers to get the best results, and keeps up to speed on all the latest engineering techniques. Their background ranges from performance tuning on CPUs/GPUs, pipeline development/integration with DCC tools, graphical feature development and solving tough problems in publishing space.  

Bring your experience, talent, and passion to build AAA games that showcase the Xbox One and leverage our Research and Platform portfolio to supercharge your ideas.

Working for Microsoft isn’t your next job, it’s the first step in a fun career opportunity that goes far beyond building your next product; it’s a chance to work on products that will amaze the world.


  • Develop and empower development teams to ship their associated games
  • Educate and infuse technical showcases of Microsoft and Azure into your games
  • Grow and mentor an agile programming staff to conquer unknowns with a healthy attitude
  • Research future tech around multiplayer, services and cloud infrastructure
  • Ensure alignment with leadership group and development staff
  • Review technical plans, milestone summaries, and communication for   engineering excellence
  • Prototype new technologies for a game inside the portfolio
  • Mentorship by code reviews, 1:1s, and fostering an open development environment.
  • Participate in meetings   to represent the group within studios that require polish demeanor

Skill sets

  • Crisp, direct,   and detailed communication style
  • Master of servers and services that empower multiplayer, a-sync gameplay, and social play 
  • Architect, develop, and profile gameplay, services, and low-level systems
  • Translate requirements of audio, design, and art leaders to other technical and non-technical staff
  • Handle multiple complex problem spaces at once
  • Use emotional intelligence to conquer cross group technical process


Not only the chosen candidate will work on performance tuning for the Xbox One’s CPU and GPU, which remains crucial in pushing games on any platform to look better and better as we proceed into the generation, but he will be tasked with encouraging first party developers to showcase the “power” of the cloud in their games.

What kind of cloud features we can expect is unknown (even if multiplayer, asynchronous gameplay, and social play are mentioned), but Microsoft wants a star developer for the job, requiring a whopping twelve years of experience in the industry of which at least five in a leadership position, and at least five AAA Games shipped.