Microsoft Wants to Make the Xbox One “Even More Capable” With Low Level CPU Optimization

Microsoft Wants to Make the Xbox One “Even More Capable” With Low Level CPU Optimization

While it won’t have an effect as dramatic as on PC, the advent of DirectX 12 should bring a measure of improvement in the efficiency of the CPU of the Xbox One, but Microsoft is also looking at other venues of evolution, as revealed by a career opportunity ad seeking a Principal Software Engineer.


We are an elite team working on low level features to make the Xbox One an even more capable and appealing game console.   We have a culture of collaboration and lean process with a straightforward and laid back style.   We especially value transparency, competency and self-direction.   We work in assembly as well as native and managed languages, in any and all layers of the platform.   We eagerly work on some of the most difficult technical challenges in gaming, and love what we do.

We are looking for a highly motivated developer to build, debug, and optimize features for a specialized X64 code generator. The project you will contribute to will move the needle for the Xbox business in a big way. Intellectual horsepower is crucial for this role.   Technically challenging projects with healthy and high-caliber teams don’t come along often – don’t miss this rewarding opportunity to contribute and learn like never before!

Candidate Responsibilities:

  • Coding, debugging, optimizing
  • Learning really interesting technologies

Candidate Requirements:

  • 7+ years professional coding in C++
  • Experience writing and/or debugging assembly code
  • Passion for CPU internals and finely tuned, highly optimized code
  • Passion for low-level system development
  • BS degree or equivalent experience

Highly valued:

  • Experience with implementation of compiler back-end optimizations
  • Experience with game development technologies
  • Experience with operating system internals
  • Passion for gaming


From the wording of the ad, Microsoft counts on the project considerably in order to “move the needle for the Xbox business in a big way,” thanks to the creation of a specialized 64-bit code generator.

To put it down (very) simply, a code generator is that part of a compiler which generates the machine code that can be executed by the CPU. The more optimization goes on in this field, the better the console will perform. It’s an absolutely crucial element in development.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of performance and business improvements this will bring. One thing is for sure: yesterday’s keynote proved that the folks at Microsoft are definitely hard at work in improving their proposition, and this is just another signal of that intent.