Microsoft Wants to “Reinvent TV” on Xbox with Cloud and Making “Watching and Participating Inseparable”

Microsoft Wants to “Reinvent TV” on Xbox with Cloud and Making “Watching and Participating Inseparable”

Microsoft has big plans for TV on its platforms, but just how big? Apparently big enough to “reinvent television” and to attempting to merge watching it with actually participating, even thanks to the  potential of the cloud, as described by a new career opportunity seeking a Technical Program Manager published today by Microsoft Game Studios.

Role Purpose
As a Technical Program Manager your primary responsibility will be to write the functional specifications and to manage the project development lifecycle for the key project in our studio.

eam/Department Mission Microsoft’s Devices and Studios Business has a rich entertainment portfolio like Xbox LIVE, Xbox Video, Xbox Music, and more with a highly active and engaged customer base. The set of services making up the Xbox LIVE cloud is optimized for both social, casual and hardcore gaming and modern entertainment experiences around film, TV, and music. Our latest innovations include unique 2-way television experiences that are only possible when watching TV on our platforms. We are reinventing television. We’re fun. We’re social. We’re interactive. And, we’re growing!

Our StudioAt the forefront of this revolution is a television studio in London. As part of Microsoft Studios, Soho Productions is pushing the boundaries of Xbox LIVE to bring new channels of gaming entertainment, sports, live events, and premium originals to the world. Working with leading global entertainment partners, we are creating experiences that are not bound by the traditional definitions of television or gaming. Experiences where watching and participating are inseparable that will delight and enrich the lives of families everywhere.

The project definitely seems ambitious, and it’s quite intriguing to see the omnipresent cloud involved with it. It’s not too surprising, though, as I could imagine a number of ways in which Azure could be used to bring the dream of full user participation to a TV program closer to reality.

I’m sure quite a few will raise an eyebrow at Microsoft’s partial focus on TV entertainment, but I remember the first, rudimental attempts at viewer participation to sci-fi TV series from when I was a kid, and back then it all seemed so promising. Maybe Microsoft will manage where many have failed before them.

Those didn’t have Azure on their side, and that could make the difference.