Microsoft: “We Need Killer Gaming Experiences;” Talks About Importance of Games and Minecraft

Microsoft: “We Need Killer Gaming Experiences;” Talks About Importance of Games and Minecraft

Microsoft’s Corporate Strategy Vice-President Jeff Teper just held a presentation at the UBS Global Technology Conference, and while talking about the company’s business strategy he also mentioned the importance of games.

There is one other category that would call out special, which is gaming. We have an incredible franchise in gaming. We bought another one, but people will ask us how gaming relates, and there is really two things, one is… if you look on PCs and phones, people spend an enormous amount of time on gaming. They spend a lot of time on communications and productivity and surfing the web, but gaming’s pretty key.

So for the future of Windows and our platform, we need killer gaming experiences for differentiation, but also technology. Turns out a lot of our cloud guys, some of our best cloud people, cut their teeth in Microsoft and Xbox Live, building Xbox Live, because there is nothing like having to build first person shooters, massively multiplayer games, getting the latency down… You know, when I pull the trigger I want the other guy to die instantaneously.

Teper also mentioned how the acquisition of Minecraft is relevant to inspire users in creating digital content, also expanding to other Microsoft products:

Minecraft is a development tool. People build worlds out of it. And if we can get eight year old girls and boys building worlds and getting inspired by creating content digitally… As they grow up, they’ll want to create in PowerPoint or Visual Studio. And in addition to being one of the few gaming franchise that doesn’t have to be freemium, Minecraft can actually charge money. It turns out as some great business and with lots of upsides.

It’s good to see Microsoft stress so much on the relevance of gaming within its business strategy, and it’ll be interesting to see what “killer gaming experiences” they’ll cook up next.