Microsoft Working on New Title for “One of the Most Popular Video Games of All Time”

Microsoft Working on New Title for “One of the Most Popular Video Games of All Time”

Something is brewing at Microsoft, in the form of a new title for “one of the most popular video games of all time.” as revealed by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Program Manager.

Work with one of the most popular video games of all time. Deliver experiences that inspire millions to create together, connect people across the globe, and support a community that is among the most active and passionate in the world.

Do you have strong business acumen, strong technical program management skills, creative vision, and experience leading teams who build educational software or video games? We’re looking for a strong technical leader with experience shipping software, driving schedules and creating fun, impactful experiences.

Microsoft Studios is looking a dynamic and seasoned Senior Technical Program Manager to lead product development of an Education based title across multiple platforms. You will be responsible for defining requirements, mapping the product roadmap and all aspects of production, from initial concept development through to shipping a high-quality experience.

The Senior Technical PM must be a mix of technical, strong business leadership, with a strong ability to communicate with internal teams and external partners. You are a creative thinker, pragmatic executor, entrepreneur and someone who has a great sense of what makes great user experiences and high quality software.

While we can’t be 100% sure until Microsoft makes an official announcement, the description of the job isn’t exactly subtle. What could be “one of the most popular video games of all time,” also involving creativity and having a community that is  “among the most active and passionate in the world?”

As you probably guessed from the picture above, there really is only one answer: Minecraft.

What’s pretty interesting is that the new game is defined an “edutcation based title,” which raises questions about its nature. Is it a full-fledged sequel, or an educational spin-off?

Back in November, Microsoft’s Corporate Strategy Vice-President Jeff Teper talked about the educational value of Minecraft, so it’s not too unlikely that Microsoft considers it an educational game in itself, and used that definition to keep the ad relatively vague.

Interestingly, the ad also mentions multiple platforms, matching Phil Spencer promise to keep the franchise away from exclusivity (even if, again, we can’t be completely sure about which “multiple” platforms the ad means until an official announcement comes). It also talks about internal teams and external partners, indicating the possibility that Mojang might develop the main game, while other studios might work on porting to other platforms like was done with Minecraft itself.

It’ll be interesting to see where this will go. A new Minecraft could definitely be one of the main actors of the much teased new relationship between Windows and Xbox, about which we should hear more today.