Microsoft’s Albert Penello Compares Xbox One and PS4 to a 400 HP Porsche and a 700 HP Corvette

on September 5, 2013 10:33 AM

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Penello thinks the continuous comparing specs of the PS4 and the Xbox One is meaningless, pretty much like comparing two different cars using only their raw power as a parameter, as he explained during an interview with Adam Sessler for Rev3Games.

I was famously chastised for saying  in an interview once that comparing hardware specs was meaningless. And the point with that is, the people that are speculating on this are not our hardware engineers and we’re not Sony’s hardware engineers. They’re doing things in their hardware to make it best that they can. We’re doing things in our hardware to make it the best that we can. I don’t believe the difference between these two platforms is significant as comparing individual components. I’m a big car fan, How is it that a 300 or 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?

It’s balance. There’s different things you put in the system to make the performance the same, but make different trade-offs. When it comes to RAM, they’ve made one decision on RAM, we’ve made another. We have ESRam, which is very fast and allows developers to have a small cache very quickly. We have a very balanced architecture. We’ve done a lot of custom things in the silicon to reduce the number of bottlenecks so every component that we have is running at peak performance. When I look at these games I don’t see a difference. I know there’s a lot of people that wanna compare those things on paper and see these individual components, but to me it comes down to the games, it comes down to the experiences. And I look at games like Ryse, I look at Forza, and I don’t see anything better on a competing platform than what I’m seeing there.

As a car lover myself, I can see the point of the comparison, but I don’t personally think it fits the two consoles that well. I’d rather compare them to a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. I’ll let you speculate on which one I think is the Ferrari and which one is the Lambo.

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