Microsoft’s Kinect Has the Most Original Name Ever… or Does it?

Microsoft’s Kinect Has the Most Original Name Ever… or Does it?


If I said to you “Full body, motion controlled gaming, sounds a lot like Kinetic” then what would you think of? Well since Microsoft’s pompous E3 event where they rammed their latest gimmick down our throats I’m sure the majority would yell out in chorus “it’s Kinect for Xbox 360 of course, the hands free motion controller formerly known as Project Natal YAY!”

Well you’re wrong, that is not what I was talking about at all.

Proving once again that they don’t have a shred of originality in the entire company, Microsoft couldn’t even come up with the title for their overpriced webcam by themselves. We at DualShockers have come across this little known title released for Sony’s PlayStation 2 EyeToy named Kinetic which makes us wonder exactly what Microsoft’s marketing team do to earn their million dollar salaries? Now obviously Kinetic isn’t anywhere near as cool as the clever play on words that is “Kinect” (psssst, it’s connect + kinetic = d34d cl3v3r l1k3 hurrr hurr) but surely Microsoft could have made a teeny tiny bit more effort not to look like they completely ripped the name off from the opposition.

Mind you, since Kinect is just an overpriced EyeToy anyway according to some minds (see here) I guess the name makes sense… go Microsoft!