Xbox’s Kudo Tsunoda Praises Scalebound: “Gameplay Is Feeling Great,” “Compelling” Relationships

Xbox’s Kudo Tsunoda Praises Scalebound: “Gameplay Is Feeling Great,” “Compelling” Relationships

Today Hideki Kamiya’s Scalebound was heavily featured at the Xbox One fanfest in Tokyo, and Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda was also present on the show floor.

Thanks to his position, Tsunoda gets to play the game quite often, and he gave DualShockers his insight on how the gameplay feels.

“We’re always looking for great developers around the world, to bring the top titles here to Xbox. Obviously Kamiya-san, such a passionate and intense developer, you know the type of products that come from PlatinumGames, always innovative, always super-high quality.

It’s such a pleasure and a honor to get to work with a great developer like Kamiya-san, you can see the results in the gameplay of Scalebound that we shown off here today, and of course the amazing fan reaction. It’s just out there, showing new parts of Scalebound people have not seen before, hearing the great reaction from the crowd, I think people here in Japan and all over the world are just very excited about Scalebound.

I’m just lucky enough that I get to play it more regularly than others, and I can tell you, the mechanics, the gameplay is feeling great. The relationships that you can build in the game between your character and your dragon are just very compelling. Obviously it’s in a beautiful stylized world that Kamiya-san always delivers. I think those are things that are really gonna make Scalebound an exciting game coming out next year.”

Personally,  I am excited. I’ve been pretty much itching to get my own hands on this game since when I saw it at Gamescom.

Dragons? Check. Hideki Kamiya? Check. RPG? Check. What’s not to love?