Microsoft’s Major Nelson Shows Off Twitch Streaming from the Xbox One, Analysis Reveals it Runs at 720p

on March 4, 2014 7:47 AM

Microsoft’ Major Nelson today demoed the Xbox One’s newly updated Twitch streaming feature, as well as answering multiple questions about how users can expect to interact with the system.

An analyser tool used on the stream indicates that Major Nelson was uploading at 720×1280 resolution and 30 FPS, or a bitrate of 2.5 mbps. As Twitch staff member later confirmed this 2.5 mbps figure, as spotted by jabuseika of NeoGAF.

Previous analysis of the PlayStation 4 streaming service indicates that it runs at 960×540 and 30 FPS, with a bitrate of 1.7 mbps.

For those wanting to check out the quality of the video themselves, check out the archived footage:

Watch live video from MajorNelson on TwitchTV

Major Nelson also commented on several aspects of how streaming will work. Party chat won’t be recorded by the streaming service, but the player streaming will be able to talk to their viewers. At launch, the Twitch app will also not have Smartglass capabilities.

The Xbox One’s Kinect can be utilised as a web cam when streaming, and may be snapped to any of the four corners of the game. However, if a player would rather have the focus on the game, the option to turn of the Kinect feed is there.

As with the PlayStation 4, there is the potential for people to stream unsavoury or lewd content. Major Nelson stated that if this happens, Twitch will ban the offending console from streaming.

The Twitch Xbox One update will go live on March 11