Microsoft’s Major Nelson Thinks PS4 Remote Play Sounds Like “a Great feature,” Clarifies Previous Statement

on November 23, 2013 6:55 PM

About a week ago we reported about an interview in which Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb stated that the company found that “gamers” don’t want to have the same exact screen shrunk down. Here’s the full quote:

Some of the games are doing that, but what we found out is that gamers certainly want to take their game with them but they just don’t want to have the same exact screen shrunk down for a lot of different reasons, you know, the horsepower of Xbox One is there and not on your mobile phone.

So it’s how can you stay connected, maybe you’re helping your team in a multiplayer match by spotting things… doing some real simplistic things on a phone that the touch interface really contributes to, so lot of our developers are doing things like that.

Apparently the sentence didn’t exactly come out as Hyrb meant it, and he posted on NeoGaf to clarify what he actually intended. Initially he mentioned that he didn’t recall saying that “no one” cares for games a shrunk down screen.

I need to go back and check my notes from this interview.
I don’t recall saying that no one wants to do it. CLEARLY plenty of people want to do it. It’s no my preferred gaming style (I was speaking of Mobile gaming) but in no way do I want to discount what others want to do. Perhaps I was unclear in saying I don’t prefer mobile gaming and it was interpreted as NO one wants to do it.

Then, after checking his notes (and the interview, that was correctly quoted and is still available in audio form on Forbes) he further clarified what he actually meant.

Ok, so I went back and checked my notes. I was trying to say that most people don’t want to play the same exact game shrunk down on a smaller screen. Ideally you want the smaller screen version of game to be optimized for the device in terms of input, resolution and power of the device. Additionally, what can you do on a games second screen while on the go? Can you somehow contribute to your game progress in a new and different way? Things like that.

That was the point I wanted to make.

Finally, he admitted that making a sweeping statement was not his intention.

Agreed. Speaking in sweeping absolutes was not what I intended.

Interestingly enough, he had good things to say about the Remote Play feature between PS4 and PS Vita, even if he didn’t yet have the time to test it himself.

It sounds like a great feature, but I have not had a chance to use it yet. Busy with our own launch right now.

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