Microsoft’s Newest Indie Title Vintage Hero Is “A Love Letter To 2D Gaming”

Microsoft’s Newest Indie Title Vintage Hero Is “A Love Letter To 2D Gaming”

It’s the year 198X. You know what to do.

Microsoft has been criticized by various creators on their Indie policies as of late, but for those who haven’t given up on Microsoft, there’s still more Indie games coming to Live: like Frog The Door Games’ Vintage Hero.

As you can tell by the above quote, Vintage Hero is a game that takes a lot of influence from the NES Mega Man games, calling the development process a “love letter” to adventure, platforming, and all things revered about classis 2-D gaming.

Vintage Hero takes place on Earth just after an attack by alien invaders, with only Giga Man there to protect the peaceful denizens of the planet. Or at least, that’s what those peaceful denizens thought: Giga Man seems more preoccupied with the “tempting night life of the robot glitterati” that saving the world. So players will assume the role of Floyd, a custodian at the county jail, who–along with his mentor Mac and lifelong friend Kricket–must defeat the evil General and his invading alien army.

Vintage Hero takes places over six stages and easy, normal and hard modes, and includes 25 unique enemies, seven boss battles, special weapons nad items, and experience points for leveling up stats.

You can take a closer look at the game below with both the trailer and the screenshots; Vintage Hero will be available next Wednesday on July 24th, for 80 Microsoft Points.