Microsoft’s @pcedf “Game Announcement” Tease Is Actually a Hilarious Mistake Mixed With a Fake

Microsoft’s @pcedf “Game Announcement” Tease Is Actually a Hilarious Mistake Mixed With a Fake

A few days ago a tweet by Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb sparked rumors on a possible game announcement coming soon. Yesterday Hryb and Operations Manager Eric Neustadter explained during a google hangout that the “tease,” that had been since reported on NeoGAF and on multiple gaming websites, was actually a hilarious mistake mixed up with a fake by an anonymous prankster.

Hryb defined the whole thing a “comedy of errors,” and Neustadter responded:

Well, not really. Because there was only one error, and that was you. You Twitterfailed.

Hryb continued by explaining that the whole issue was a series of events that lined up perfectly, contributing to creating the misunderstanding.

Basically, Neustadter remembered Hryb’s nickname, but couldn’t remember his name, and tweeted the following:

Paul Cedfeldt promptly responded:

Hryb was intended to respond to Cedfeldt, but accidentally deleted a few characters from his Twitter handle, typing a smiley addressed at the account “@pcedf”

Someone immediately noticed that the “pcedf” account did not exist, and created one on the fly, calling it “Be ready,” typing “soon” in its description, and adding a Dark Souls fan art as the header picture.

And thus the fake tease was fabricated. The anonymous prankster actually persisted in the joke by replacing the picture with the Gears of War logo, in order to trick a few more.

Unfortunately, it’s all a misunderstanding. No game was being teased, so if you happened to read one of the articles that presented this as real news, now you know that it isn’t.