Phil Spencer Wants No Man’s Sky, More Platformers and Adventures on Xbox One; Hints at Diablo III (UPDATED)

Phil Spencer Wants No Man’s Sky, More Platformers and Adventures on Xbox One; Hints at Diablo III (UPDATED)

Microsoft Game Studios head honcho Phil Spencer is always on the lookout for new games for the Xbox One’s growing portfolio, and today he mentioned on Twitter what he’d like to see on the console:

Have you tracked No Man’s Sky? Not exactly the same genre but would be good on XB1.

When a fan asked him what genres he’d like to see more on the console he answered:

For me personally, I’m a fan of platformers and good story driven adventure games.

I’m pushing for a lot of story in one of our unannounced projects. I thought story in Ryse, as an example, really helped game.

Yea, Diablo III was really nice on XBOX One. Sold well. Would be good to get more iso dungeon crawls as well.

When I read that, I guessed he meant Xbox 360 there…or maybe it was a slip? When asked if that was a confirmation for Diablo III on Xbox One he responded:

Not by me, that’s obviously Blizzards decision and schedule.

Afterwards he did correct himself by admitting that meant Xbox 360, and he made a mistake because he was typing too fast, but Diablo III on Xbox One wouldn’t be too farfetched (I actually expected it to be announced long ago), so a slip of the tongue – or more precisely of the fingers – isn’t too unlikely. Of course you shouldn’t take it as a confirmation, but who knows what the future holds…

We’ll have to wait to see if it was indeed just a typo or an actual slip. One thing is for sure: the fact that he explicitly mentioned Hello Games’ impressive space exploration indie title No Man’s Sky probably means that something is brewing on that front. My curiosity is piqued. Bring it on, Phil. My body is ready.

Update: Spencer further clarified that he “knows nothing” of Diablo III‘s plans. We have no reason not to believe him since he denies so vigorously. In any case, No Man’s Sky is where it’s at. Please and thank you, Phil.