Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’ Transforms Living Rooms Into an Interactive Video Game

on October 5, 2014 11:39 PM

The advancement of modern technology, when consoles talk back and virtual reality is becoming more prevalent. Now turning living rooms into an interactive augment reality space can be added to the list. I’m unhip…I get it.

Technically still in the planning and research stages, Microsoft’s RoomAlive will get the player off their sunken in couch and has them interacting with the environment it project onto their living room floors, walls, furniture or dead body hiding in the corner.

As seen in the video below, there are a multitude of games a player can try that appears to fully immerse the player like never before. Six Kinect sensors follow the players head while the software deconstructs the room’s blueprint in order to adapt to video game to the room.

For further details and a better clarification watch the video below.

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