Microsoft’s Team that Created Kinect Now Working on “Brand New Experiences”

Microsoft’s Team that Created Kinect Now Working on “Brand New Experiences”

The people that created the all-seeing-eye Kinect and some of its titles at Microsoft Game Studios may be at it again, as mentioned by a new career opportunity ad published by Microsoft today. The ad, seeking  a Senior Software Development Engineer for the Devices and Studios Engineering department gives a brief description on what they’re working on.

Here’s an excerpt with the relevant parts bolded.


We’re key members from the team behind Kinect and its unique titles. Now, we’re focused on creating something brand new. As Microsoft Studios has broadened its charter from games to experiences, we are looking to push the boundaries and deliver on the potential of that larger playground. Our aspirations are simple – we want to ship differentiated experiences that delight and transform our customers! 

You are a senior developer with a stellar track record that loves to learn and tackle a variety of new challenges. You have experience with the wide variety of code it takes to deliver a top quality experience including flow, user interfaces, interaction models, systems, rendering, networking, and performance. You prefer to collaborate directly with artists and designers in small teams to build and iterate on prototypes that refine the creative vision. You like to see your team’s work shine through in the delivery of high quality experiences. You’re looking to make significant contributions to the early stages of a project with huge growth potential.


Bonus skills
– Demonstrated management experience
– Advanced degree in computer science or related field
– Startup experience, first version product, or similar demonstrated background working in a greenfield area
– Expert in one or more technology domains – Computer vision, rendering, console development, multiple hardware platforms, machine learning, cloud computing, etc.
– Strong background in 3D and other applied mathematics
– Experience working with a commercial game engine (Unreal, Unity, etc.)

While we really don’t have the slightest idea of what these “brand new experiences” could be, it seems that the team is expanding from working strictly on games to something broader, even if the relation with games still seems very strong. From the wording it could even be a completely new way to interact with the Xbox One (or for the whole range of Microsoft platforms), or something in that area.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement, but something is definitely brewing in Redmond.