Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Will be a Single Player Experience; Will Not Feature Co-op

on January 30, 2014 4:47 PM

Mordor is a dark and scary place. Those who wanted a friend to keep them company in these harsh lands will have to travel alone, however.

A fan asked if Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor would have a co-op mode and this was the response from the Shadow of Mordor Twitter page:

That’s a pretty definitive, clear cut answer.

While this news may be disappointing, I think it’s probably for the best that the developers focus on delivering a solid first person experience rather than shoehorn in a multiplayer mode that may not be all that well crafted.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be released for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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