New Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Shows Marketplace, Premium Currency and Orders

Monolith Production gives an extensive look at the economy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, including premium currency, chests and more.

August 5, 2017

Monolith showcased today a brand new batch of gameplay of its upcoming open world action-adventure Middle-earth: Shadow of War, focusing on the economy.

We hear about the currency in the game, starting with Mirian, that can be earned in game by going on missions, breaking down equipment, finding it in the world, killing treasure orcs running around, and more.

It can be used for upgrading your gear, your fortresses, your garrisons, or your assault force. Mirrian can be also spent for purchasing silver loot chests that contain gear. silver war chests, on the other hand, come with consumables and followers (we all know that the discerning orc lives in chests, right?).


Anything you can get from these chests can also be found by playing normally.  The loot chests are a good way for players that don’t kill enemies often to get new gear. War chests are the opposite, helping out those who slaughter everything that moves.

There are also gold chests, which work the in the same way, but they are larger and come with rarer items. They can be purchased with Gold, which is a premium currency that you can purchase with real money. It’s worth mentioning that nothing is exclusive to those chests, and everything they can provide can also be acquired by playing the game normally.

Mithril chests are the highest tier, and they’re also purchased with Gold (more of it), providing legendary-level gear and followers. Interestingly, when a legendary follower dies, you get a piece of legendary gear in exchange. The sage goes with epic followers, that provide epic gear.

Featured chests are themed chests that you can purchase with Gold, changed periodically, focused around a certain kind of follower or weapon.

From the followers menu you can deploy any of the orcs you unlocked into any of the regions you control.

We also get to see training orders, let you customize, upgrade and personalize your followers. Reassignment orders let you pull orcs back into the followers menu, so that you can send them to another fortress.

If you assign a follower to a full region, he’ll kill his way in. He’ll of course try to prioritize an enemy, but if the region has only friendly orcs, he’ll kill one of them. They’re guaranteed to win the encounter.

You can watch the video below, and if you want to see more of the game, you can check out some recent gameplay from San Diego Comic Conthe latest trailer featuring Shelobanother story trailer, another introducing the Nemesis Forge system, and our hands-on preview. At E3 2017, Middle-earth: Shadow of War won our staff-voted Game of Show award.

The game will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 10.

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