Lake Ridden Studio Midnight Hub Closes its Doors

Lake Ridden Studio Midnight Hub Closes its Doors

The studio behind indie title Lake Ridden shuts down, conceding that the CEO has more Twitter followers than the game has had sales.

Swedish indie studio Midnight Hub has closed down soon after the release of its first title, Lake Ridden.

Lake Ridden is a first-person puzzle game released in May of this year which sees you play as a thirteen-year-old girl named Marie who is searching for her missing sister following an argument by a campfire. The game saw a good launch, spending five days on Steam’s front page and receiving positive reviews.

However, Midnight Hub’s CEO Sara Casen said that despite the warm welcome at launch, Lake Ridden has not sold enough copies to keep the studio afloat. Speaking on Twitter she said that she is currently seeking new work as a video game producer. The thread of tweets goes on to say that she is proud of all that team has accomplished since founding in 2015 and happy to have had the chance to make great friends along the way, but she sadly concedes to the fact that she has more Twitter followers than Lake Ridden has sold copies. Judging by her current follower count, it’s safe to assume that the number of sales was under the 3,000 mark.

Lake Ridden is still available on steam and will still receive technical support for the foreseeable future.