Might and Delight Announce Pid, a Beautiful 2D Platformer

December 6, 2011

Today, Swedish developer Might and Delight, a small studio of ex-EA and Capcom employees, announced their first game: Pid, a 2D platformer about a young boy stranded on a planet of robots, trying to find his way back home. Yeah, yeah, there are a lot of indie 2D platformers, but this one looks awesome. The art style is gorgeous, a 50’s cartoony sci-fi look that oozes charm, with unique designs for the robots (who appear to be both good and evil) and the gameplay, which seems to revolve around use of these beams that repel objects, appears to add enough onto the tried and true formula that it won’t bore anyone.


Pid will also feature two player co-operative play, according to the trailer, and it is set to release on “digital platforms” (likely PSN, XBLA, and Steam) in 2012.

You can find the official site for the game here, and the full announcement trailer can be viewed after the break.

Justin Hutchison

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