Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the Next Inti Creates Platformer to Hit Steam

Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the second title to come to Steam during this new wave of Inti Creates PC ports.

Inti Creates revealed plans to bring more of its lineup to PC, starting with Blaster Master Zero, back in May. Around Blaster Master Zero’s PC launch in June, DualShockers asked Inti Creates when we could expect more of their titles and they simply said “maybe a month, maybe two months, I’m not entirely sure. We definitely want to get these titles out over the next half a year or 9 months.” We now know wait between the first and second ports will only be about a month and a half because Inti Creates confirmed that Mighty Gunvolt Burst is going to hit Steam on July 31.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst, which was previously on 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, will cost $9.99 when it comes to PC. While Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Beck from Mighty No. 9, and Ekoro from Gal*Gun will be playable in the base version, players can pick up more characters via two DLC packs that cost $4.99 each. Azure Striker Gunvolt’s Copen, Gal*Gun’s Kurona, and Mighty No. 9’s Ray are part of the Rivals pack; meanwhile, Call from Mighty No.9, Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Tenzou from Gal*Gun are in Mighty Gunvolt Burst’s Heroines pack.

As you can probably tell from all of the aforementioned characters, Mighty Gunvolt Burst serves as a retro-themed crossover between Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gal*Gun, and Mighty No. 9, which are all series Inti Creates either created or contributed to. It serves as a sequel to the shorter and simpler platformer Mighty Gunvolt, which came out back in 2014, and stands out with interesting customization and a Burst Combo system that rewards taking out enemies fast and in a close range. If you want to know more about the game, you can also check out DualShockers’ review of it. 

Some screenshots of the game running on PC were also released and you can see those below. Mighty Gunvolt Burst is currently available on 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, but it and the Heroines and Rivals DLC packs will be hitting Steam on July 31. For those interested in the aforementioned interview, feel free to check out the whole thing as it also covers things like Google Stadia, Gunvolt Chronicles, and Dragon Marked for Death. 

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