Switch/3DS Exclusive Mighty Gunvolt Burst Receives Release Date Along With Action Packed New Trailer

Switch/3DS Exclusive Mighty Gunvolt Burst Receives Release Date Along With Action Packed New Trailer

Inti Creates announced today that they will be releasing Mighty Gunvolt Burst for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on June 15 and June 29, respectively.

For those who don’t remember, Mighty Gunvolt was a bite-sized adventure that released back in 2014 to promote both the then recently release Azure Striker Gunvolt, and the then upcoming Mighty No. 9. They even released DLC for it. After spending a bit of time away from the characters, Inti Creates got the itch to create more adventures with Beck and his mighty siblings, so they got permission from Comcept to use the characters from Mighty No. 9 again for free, and have now crafted another 2D side-scrolling action game with crisp pixel art.

Might Gunvolt Burst contains a wide variety of stages that have their own unique traps and bosses. Once a player clears a stage, they will be able to choose a reward when you return to the stage select screen. Inti Creates also emphasized that you can’t game over in this game.  When you die, you respawn at the most recently activated checkpoint, which will make it easier for newer players get accustomed to the game.

The title’s biggest new gameplay feature is the Burst combo, which will allow players to trigger a “Burst” by killing an enemy at point-blank range. Getting a Burst kill gives players extra points towards their score, and players can combo Bursts together to gain a massive amount of points. Mighty Gunvolt Burst also features a brand new customization system, which lets players put different modules they collect into their loadout, as long as it doesn’t exceed the player’s amount of CP, or Cost Points, which are gained by clearing stages and collecting certain drops from enemies. Some customization options include homing shots and piercing bullets.

The aforementioned CP is also used to increase to increase the player’s attack and defense power, and can also enable diagonal fire and charge shots. There are also certain customization options that inflict a negative status effect on the player in exchange for lower the amount of CP the player needs to use and giving them bonus points upon completing a stage. Throughout Mighty Gunvolt Burst, players can find Pixel Stickers, which are icons that feature 8-bit version of various characters from the game.

The Nintendo Switch version will also feature HD Rumble support. When using CP on an ability called Dowsing, players will feel a rumble when they come close to a secret area.

You can check out the new trailer screenshots below: