Mighty No. 9 Gets a Major Update on Stretch Goals, as Well as a Slew of Fanart

on September 10, 2013 3:02 PM

In the latest daily Mighty No. 9 update, the team discusses possible stretch goals, including new levels and the possible portable versions. And on the community end, the Kickstarter game has received a slew of awesome fanart. The campaign fund is currently at $1,967,479 with 21 days to go.

According to the developers, they have been looking into possible avenues for PS Vita and 3DS versions, which are not currently listed in the stretch goals (not even in the ??? ones). The question-marked stretch goals have been revealed to be game-content related, so hopefully we’ll get an update soon regarding those.

The Beck & Call online co-op mode has gotten a lot of positive feedback, and many fans have even been asking for a Call only single player level or levels. This could also be a possible stretch goal if the Kickstarter manages to reach other goals. Lastly, the developers have been working on pricing a possible physical version of Mighty No. 9 as a new reward tier.

Now on to the best part–the fanart, which has been posted below in a gallery. You can check out even more of it in the link above. And if you’re interested in supporting this campaign, go here to contribute.

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